about us

all are welcome here.

tre' sorelle is a teacher owned business in houston heights, located at 3607 white oak drive. 

hey y'all! I'm Dayton, the tiny teacher behind all this. 


but it's more than just myself.

in summer 2017, my boyfriend (now husband) :) were having dinner at sushi hana. he had a business idea. I thought it was silly. I shared mine instead. 

"everyone always asks me where I get my clothes and to help them shop. I'd LOVE to have my own boutique."

Cody asked what was stopping me. money, of course. I was still in college and bareeeeeely hanging in there! in short-- Cody offered me a budget of what he could afford, and I ran with it. we launched tre' sorelle online 3 months later, and everyone was loving it!

fast forward to getting engaged, planning a wedding, renovating our new home after Hurricane Harvey, and starting my new teaching job... I had to put tre' on hold.

thanks to a VERY FULL (and non existent guest room) due to inventory in our home, it was time to let what we had go. I found a space very close to home right before spring break this year, and signed a lease for a 3 month long "pop-up". I was not ready to commit to anything over a year, especially with so much uncertainty.

surprise-- more uncertainty! right before we were supposed to open our doors, COVID hit us all. we used this period to take our time in preparation of grand opening, and were able to officially open our doors on May 24th.


now, on to the space. 

I am very grateful my landlord with New Quest properties trusted me to have creative freedom for the space. there was absolutely no room in the budget to hire anyone for literally anything, so here I was with my family literally knocking down walls on the interior, and painting the exterior.


a floral entryway was a must. 

my mom, stepdad, and siblings live in london-- one of my favorite places in the world! each time I visit, I'm in awe of all the beauty that surrounds me. the top of my list are all the flowers that bloom in the city, or the cute little store fronts with florals.

if I'm walking with my mom, it's no surprise that I stop and fall behind to take photos of flowers. when I pick up my brother + sister from school, it takes 10x as long because I want to photograph every flower in front of each doorstep we pass :)

welllllllll.... I don't see any of that in houston, & I wanted even more beauty than just clothing for my customers. 

my sweet friend tyler kay (an amazing houston artist/creative) & her sister rachel (also a teacher!!) helped make my vision come to life. we spent hourssssss together at a flower shop, and they spent an endless amount of time perfectly placing each flower, and mapping out where they would go on our porch. so grateful for these two beauties!


I had to have a mural. 

not just any mural. I wanted everyone to be able to connect with it somehow. thankfully, my cousins, dandee & dayrell were willing to help one of their favorite little cousins on her new venture. 

here. right where you're meant to be.

y'all... I made this on CANVA, and now it's one of the most photographed places in houston. say what!?!?

here's my friend ashley + her little babe, brooks :) 

now, our shop is covered in "instagram-worthy" walls.

just check out our instagram :)

I truly cannot believe how many photographers and sweet humans stop by each day to take photos and make memories. warms my heart!


wait, where is tre' sorelle's name from?

tre' = my middle name, which also represents "3"
sorelle = "sisters" in Italian. 
I have 3 sisters, and absolutely ADORE them. when I discovered the meaning of "sorelle", there was no hesitation on tre' sorelle being the name for our new boutique. 

if you're reading this, didi, isabella, & demi:

cici/she-shay/sissay loves you very very much!

pictured below: demi, the youngest of the tre :)




now, Cody is very very behind the scenes, but this would not have started without him encouraging me and providing a way to make it happen. 

I'm very much a full time teacher, and now spend most of my time trying to make virtual learning fun & educational for my students.

if you stop at tre, you'll find one of my sweet friends behind the piano, or even my grandma-- mama vhee!

she packages all our online orders with love & care :)

my/our goal

I pour so much time into my classroom and making it as perfect and as welcoming as possible for each of my students. I try to do the same at tre.

all are welcome here. bring your fur babes. bring your human babes. bring your husband that doesn't like to shop-- there's a big comfy couch waiting for him. 

I cannot thank you enough for shopping small and supporting us!


*Ms. Box is very very sleepy. will update this page & check for typos ASAP* ;)